Booking On and Barcoding

With over 500,000 active files and boxes recorded in our storage facility, an accurate barcode recording system is essential to provide exact locations and real time updates on the status of your boxes and files.

Depending on your preferred options, we will list your box numbers or box and file numbers using your own reference listing systems. Each box or box and files are given a unique barcode which is also listed on your own generic storage inventory list which you can use to check on or retrieve your files and documents.

Our bespoke barcode system is provided and hosted by ASSETRAC. Our programme allows us to provide a unique login to our clients so they are able to check on the storage status of their files and boxes and request boxes to be delivered or destroyed at the end of their useful life. Once barcoded our system allows us to track your boxes from our warehouse to your office and back again using GPS scanners, which assists our clients with their compliance policies and adherence to industry legislation – please contact us for more details.