About Limpio

Established in 2002, Limpio Storage Solutions has grown to provide a comprehensive offsite storage service in the heart of the Gatwick Diamond.

Limpio has the complete solution for all of your offsite storage requirements. From individual document files to pallets of goods, our bespoke barcode tracking system allows us to locate and update movements of stored goods using our GPS linked scanners, updated in real time on your own secure login protected inventory.

Our secure, well maintained warehouse compound is protected by HD CCTV, motion activated alarm sensors and smoke and heat detection fire alarms. The compound is surrounded by secure steel palisade fencing and gates.

We also offer a full uplift service using our own experienced warehouse and porterage staff to collect and transport your boxed archives or palletised goods.

Our fixed rate box option for archive means you will never pay any extra for picking and delivery costs for your boxes or files.

  • Our comprehensive dedicated storage facility at the heart of the Gatwick Diamond offers the following:

  • Specialist storage for boxes archive files

  • Bespoke GPS barcode box/file retrieval system

  • Storage for palletised goods, marketing material stock, furniture and equipment items

  • Specialist home storage with collection and delivery services

  • Web hosted secure login protected inventory system

  • Certified confidential waste shredding services

  • Pick/Pack order fulfilment

  • Document & records management services

  • Scan on demand

  • Secure fire proof document storage

  • Couriers and collection services

Our proven delivery of services is available for your business today – Please contact us for further information about our services or to discuss your specific offsite storage requirements.